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How to tame the black water dragon

Posted on 20 Jan 2012 at 10:56 am by Yeoh Siew Hoon

On Sunday midnight, the Dragon will leap into our circle and as with any good Chinese girl, I’ve been reading up the predictions for the year.

So first up – it is going to be a “challenging” year, say the feng shui experts with happenings in three main areas – money, natural disasters and environment. No surprises there.

And it’s not only a “water dragon year”, it’s a “black water dragon year” because there’s going to be too much “water” in the first half of the year – so think “floods”.

As “water” also refers to “money” in Chinese beliefs, well, it also means that some will make a lot of money and some will lose a lot.

I am hoping I will be in the former.

In terms of industries, an average year is predicted for “water” industries which include tourism and hotels and anything to do with information technology.

It didn't say anything about online travel, in particular, but I am hedging bets that it will be a better than average year, given all that's happening from low cost airlines to customers moving online to mobile. (By the way, love the spat going on between AirAsia and Scoot over the Sydney routes - now there, competition is bound to get fiery indeed.)

An “excellent” year is meanwhile forecast for the metal industry – anything to do with banking, law firms, gold, robotics and steel.

One feng shui expert predicts a collapse of a tall building or hotel. Better hope yours is not the one.

The thing is, most of the predictions are pretty general – so really anything could happen and you could say, it was predicted. But some are quite specific especially when it comes to personal zodiac signs with some animals faring better than others in this coming year.

It’s supposed to be a good year for me apparently, so I am whistling as I write this.

I found one prediction which I thought quite intriguing. It says, “The dragon is a pretty lazy animal and therefore many people are going to feel very sleepy, tired and sleeping a lot. Though they may be sleepy but when they wake up, they can be very “fierce”.”

Sounds a bit like me right now in my jetlagged state. I am pretty “fierce” when I wake up at 3am, and trying to go back to sleep.

The same feng shui expert also predicts that negotiations in business will be pretty fierce and tough this year.

So heed that – if you are doing a business negotiation, put on your fiercest face so that you will end up with water in your favour, not in your face.

Happy Lunar New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai. 

PS If you want to know more about the predictions, contact me.



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