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Pinterest - or should it be called Finterest?

Posted on 05 Apr 2012 at 03:01 am by Yeoh Siew Hoon

There was a certain irony to the fact that while the panelists on the webinar were discussing the rise of Pinterest and the descent of Twitter, we, the audience, were busy posting our comments on Twitter.

But such are the contradictions of social media and, perhaps, the logic of women?

The webinar I was listening to was called “Women and Social Media”, run by Social Media Today, and while it was primarily based on research done by the Blogher Publishing Network, and was American-centric, I nevertheless found it interesting because, well, social is social however you dice it and women are women, however you slice it.

What I took away from it was that women are the drivers of social media but not all social media’s created equal between the sexes.

Pinterest, for example, could well be called Finterest with more than 80% of active users being women.

I have to confess, I am addicted to it – and one night, was up till 3am pinning away to what purpose, I know not. The next morning, I met a girlfriend for coffee and I instantly recognized a fellow pinner. It’s those dark circles. “Hey, you need to pin up those eyebags,” I said.

I haven’t yet figured out how Pinterest could help my business but what the heck, all work and no play makes for dull girls. There’s something very seductive about the idea of having blank canvases on which to paint, er, pin.

According to Blogher research shared during the webinar, 19% of women online use Pinterest – and that’s just after a year – while Twitter’s adoption is at 21% after six years. Could Twitter be facing an identity crisis, asked the panelists?

To me, Twitter is very linear – and it always feels like you’re shouting at people, rather than conversing with them. But it’s great for media to break news and headlines – and so it serves its purpose.

Foursquare’s not very popular with girls – the panelists called it the creep factor. Data suggests that men are hanging out on Foursquare at a 2:1 ratio compared to women. Men apparently like the “badges” thing that makes them “mayors” of locations. I couldn’t care less about that but to some guys I know, it’s a big deal.

On Facebook, women outnumber men by about the same ratio. Women also behave differently on Facebook from men. For example, more men say they are single, women describe themselves more and women are responded to more often. “The language of Facebook is all about “liking,” “sharing” and “friending,” terms most often associated with female communication styles,” I quote one marketing blog.

During the webinar, Elisa Camahort of Blogher said her survey also showed that for the first time, adoption of Facebook was leveling off and she predicted that young kids would be exiting Facebook this year “because their parents are on it”.

Also leveling off are coupon deals – “we can only eat so many salads and have so many manicures”.

What’s hot for 2012 – social shopping sites, social photo apps and, of course, Pinterest.

Now excuse me, it’s 3am – I have to go pin something on my “Famous Women Travellers” board. Follow me.

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