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WIT Day One - Finding your parents and WITcubator

Posted on 18 Oct 2011 at 17:16 pm by Carl Griffith


One new aspect of WIT this year has been the THack. 


THack is Tnooz’s unique event which brings together travel industry APIs and the development community to brainstorm and create new digital travel products and web or mobile-based tools.

Largely going on out of the spotlight, the THack took place during the 24 hours immediately before the start of Bootcamp on Monday.

Kevin May from TNooz has been up on stage several times over the last couple of days introducing us to the teams that took place and, during his last appearance, sharing with the us the details of the winner.

The team of three, led by Lee Peng of development company Forcepts, used APIs from Abacus, Hoiio and OAG to produce the hack – called WhereIsMyTravelingParent – within the usual restricted time-frame. More...


There’s a lot of tech stuff going on there - most of which goes way beyond the rather simple understandings of this author.

However, what is clear  - and it’s something that Kevin alluded to several times - is how the THack demonstrated how much could be achieved in such a small amount of time.

Innovation (or the lack of it) is a topic that has come to the fore several times already during our time at Suntec.

Perhaps one of the biggest names in innovation is Steve Jobs and Siew Hoon mentioned him during the opening ‘Headline’ panel session this morning on Day One of the conference proper. 

And one of the panelists suggested that there is no shortage of ideas - just a lack of willingness to take them up and get them turned into ‘business’.

Ian Cumming, Founder, GetFlight, Australia mentioned yesterday that folks in his company get 100 hours a month (I hope I got that right) to work on their own ‘projects’ - something akin, possibly, to the kind of formal ‘innovation’ time at companies like 3M.

When we look at what can be achieved it’s tempting to ask (even blindingly obvious I’d suggest) why we don’t get this kind of productivity and output more often.

There are a lot of reasons and, as you read this, I have no doubt that you are forming your own.

One reason or perhaps a collection of reasons comes down to basic mindset and culture.  And it’s a testament to Siew Hoon and the spirit of WIT that WITcubator has been launched at WIT this year - an initiative that will go some way to making the atmosphere and environment that fostered such great stuff at the THack something tangible and increasingly prevalent in the WIT community.

Watch this space.  I’m sure there will be some great updates coming over the coming weeks and months.

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