WIT Conference 2013

comprises the WIT Developer & Designer Challenge, the WIT Bootcamp, Oct 21 @ Microsoft Singapore (Level 22, One Marina Boulevard); and the main event, Oct 22 - 23 @ Suntec Convention Centre.  The WITovation Awards will also be presented during the main conference.

Theme: The Asia Factor

The time for Asia is now. Political awakening, social and economic forces, new technology and a new generation is creating a post-modern Asia that is very different from, say, 20 years ago when the region was still shaking off the shackles of colonialism.

Urbanisation, the rise of the growing middle class, social and political awareness, improved infrastructure and rapid technology adoption by consumers has given rise to a new Asian landscape that’s full of opportunities and promise for the smart and nimble.

New travel trends are emerging that are uniquely Asian – the rise of the new social, Instant Messaging, and the leapfrogging of technology where huge swathes of consumers are accessing the web from their mobile. As well, the leapfrogging in infrastructure which will see new sectors like cruising and rail travel take off, just like low cost carriers which have transformed travel in the region.

In Vietnam, nine out of 10 people access the web from mobile devices and Cambodia (pictured) was the first country in the world where the number of mobiles surpassed landlines. The last frontier, Myanmar, is opening up and building up its infrastructure. These new emerging markets will evolve in ways that are very different from markets in the West to whom we’ve always looked for examples and lessons.

New players are emerging that are distinctly Asian – all trying to find their niches in a huge and fast growing market with different and diverse customer needs. From halal meta-search to local experiences to curation of unique accommodation types, the Asian online travel market is on the cusp of fragmenting into interesting niches, making it an exciting time for innovation and disruption.

At the same time, international brands are looking to make their mark and establish their foothold in the world’s biggest and fastest growing travel market. They know Asia is their new frontier, and one which must be conquered for them to show growth to their stakeholders.

New markets are also reaching out to consumers in Asia – from the Middle East to Russia, there are shared experiences and lessons to be learnt as Asia increasingly becomes the hub of the new post-modern world.

“The Asia Factor” will examine the trends that are changing travel and Asia, the new models that are emerging and evolving, the new players that are changing the game and space and the markets and customers that are emerging in what is the Golden Age of Asia.



This year’s WIT Conference 2013 comprises:

•   Oct 21, 9am - 6pm – WIT Bootcamp & WIT Developer & Designer Challenger

•   Oct 22 - 23, 9am - 6pm – WIT Conference 2013

•   Oct 24-25, 2-5pm – ITB Asia Clinics, powered by WIT

Plus Entry to WIT social events (except those by invitation only) and ITB Asia & Entry to ITB Asia social events (except those by invitation only)

WIT is a partner event of TravelRave, a mega travel and tourism festival week organised by the Singapore Tourism Board the same week in October. 





TravelRave, Asia’s most influential travel trade festival, will be back from 21 to 25 October 2013 with an exciting line up of eight quality events featuring thought-provoking content, influential speakers and the chance to network with some of the leading names in the travel and tourism industry. Set in a region primed for growth, last year’s events gathered more than 10,700 attendees from across the globe. Leveraging Asia’s growing potential, TravelRave 2013 provides a dynamic platform for business leaders and industry professionals to convene, share knowledge and insights, network and discover new business opportunities and celebrate Asian tourism at its best.