About WITNext

WITNext is an inspiration and mentoring initiative started by Web In Travel in 2009 to form a content and community platform around the next generation of talent. Its aim is to help people build fulfilling careers in travel and tourism and make money, whether you want to work in a company or be an entrepreneur. 

It holds events throughout the year in different places where it feels there is a need to spread the passion for the travel and tourism industry to young minds.

Events have been held in Singapore, Thailand, Australia as well as in Jakarta in March 2013. Its anchor event is the WITNext Summercamp, which was launched last June in Singapore. The next Summercamp is scheduled for Singapore June 21. 

Our Mission

We want to inspire and mentor the Gen Next to embark on their careers and/or entrepreneurial journeys in the travel & tourism industry by:
- generating thoughtful content
- bringing together like-minded people
- exchanging ideas
- sharing experiences in work, play & life 


Connect with us on www.facebook.com/WITNext


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