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A robust year for Amadeus

Posted on 05 Mar 2013 at 17:35 pm

Amadeus reported strong growth for 2012 in its full year financial results ended December 31, 2012, with significant contributions from its Distribution and IT Solutions businesses.

Adjusted profit from continuing operations for the full year increased 18% to reach €575.1 million. This was backed by growth in revenue of 7.5% to €2,910.3 million and a 6.6% rise in EBITDA to €1,107.7 million.

The Distribution and IT Solutions businesses contributed significantly to the growth. Revenue in the Distribution business increased by 5.8%, rising to €2,201 million, while the number of air travel agency bookings improved by 3.5% to 416.5 million.

Amadeus also expanded its global market share of travel agency air bookings by 0.9 percentage point during the full year of 2012 to reach 38.6%.

In the IT Solutions business, revenue increased by 13.0%, rising to €709.4 million. The Passengers Boarded (PB) figure increased by 28.4%, rising to 563.8 million, which was backed by the number of migrated Altéa customers increasing to 109.

The financial performance for the full year was also backed by strong year-on-year results in the fourth quarter. During these three months Amadeus’ adjusted profit from continuing operations increased by 8.2% to €93.8 million, total revenues were up by 4.6% to €677.2 million and EBITDA rose by 7.1% to €217.9 million.

Results in brief  
•  Revenue grew 7.5% to €2,910.3 million
•  EBITDA rose 6.6%1 to €1,107.7 million
•  Adjusted profit increased 18% to €575.1 million
•  Global share of travel agency air bookings5 expanded 0.9 percentage point to 38.6%
•  Passengers Boarded (PB) grew by 28.4% to 563.8 million
•  Growth in North America with landmark customer wins

Luis Maroto, Amadeus’ President & CEO of Amadeus (pictured above left), said that despite another year of global macro-economic challenges the company was able to maintain its growth record and increase its year-on-year revenues due to its proven business model and geographically diverse base .

"This continued success was supported by an improved performance in both our businesses: Distribution, with higher bookings and revenue, and IT Solutions, which raised Passengers Boarded as it continued to migrate existing customers to the Altéa platform.

"2012 has been an outstanding year all round, with a strong financial performance, as well as landmark customer wins such as the Southwest and Expedia contracts in North America.

"In 2013 we are focusing on further consolidating our leading position by evolving our competitive offering, whilst also selectively investing in growth areas such as IT solutions for airports, hotels and rail providers. We are cautiously optimistic about 2013 and expect revenue and contribution to continue to grow across both businesses, based upon our experience and taking into account the resiliency of our business model.”

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