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CheckInTonight focuses on same-day hotel bookings in South-east Asia

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 at 21:43 pm

It had to happen sooner or later. Following the success of the Hotel Tonight model in the US, it was inevitable a similar business would emerge in Asia.

From February 25, a new mobile travel app, ‘CheckInTonight’ will be available for free downloads from the iTunes App Store, with an Android version due out later in the year.

‘CheckInTonight’ is designed to give travellers in South-east Asia the opportunity to book same-day accommodation quickly and easily, according to the Phnom Penh-based company behind the app, CheckInTonight.Asia.

The application is based on the existing mobile site, ‘’, described as South-east Asia’s only same-day hotel booking system, launched in August 2012. By extension, ‘CheckInTonight’ is the first application of its kind to be offered in the region.

Announcing the launch of ‘CheckInTonight’, CEO of Mark Southby said in a press statement, “We have found that travellers, tourists, and even local residents are increasingly looking to make quick, short-term travel and accommodation decisions.  ‘CheckInTonight’ enables all of these groups to secure a last minute hotel booking, should they wish to.

“In addition, hotels now have a marketplace to fill rooms at the last minute that would otherwise have remained empty.  Hotels have full control over how much discount they wish to offer in order to fill their rooms on each evening.”

The company says that ‘CheckInTonight’ will feature the three best last-minute hotel deals from a travellers’ selected region – it claims a user can book a hotel in less than 10 seconds.

It also says that each deal featured in ‘CheckInTonight’ is exclusive, with up to 70% savings available on same-day hotel bookings.

From the website, it is clear that social media will be one of the ways in which the company hopes to spread the message – its Facebook page, with about 3,600 fans, today says that it’s moved its great deals into Thailand with content skewed towards hotels in Thailand and Cambodia.

“All of the hotels that are available for booking in ‘CheckInTonight’ have been personally vetted by, ensuring that only accommodation of the very highest quality is promoted for travellers to enjoy,” says the press release.

The press release says that users of ‘CheckInTonight’ can also earn credits to use towards a future booking by easily sharing promotion codes with friends.  Facebook and Twitter features are both included within ‘CheckInTonight’ so that users can share with as many people as possible and increase the potential to earn big money.

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