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It's a brave new digital world for mobile users

Posted on 06 Mar 2013 at 14:52 pm

With the usage of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices increasing at a rapid rate consumers have crossed into a new paradigm of digital media fragmentation in which they are always connected, reveals comScore in its “2013 Mobile Future in Focus” report. (Download full report)

Examining key mobile trends from 2012 the report looks at how these rapidly changing market dynamics have shaped the current US and international mobile marketplaces, and what they mean for the coming year. Included in the research are key mobile market insights from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada and Japan

According to the findings, 2012 was another milestone year in mobile as continued innovation in hardware, software and device functionality lays the groundwork for the future of the industry.

Mark Donovan, comScore SVP for mobile, said, “As consumers incorporate these devices into their daily diet of digital media consumption, marketers and media companies are challenged to confront this emerging multi-platform paradigm. Having a clear view of today’s digital landscape – and particularly the rapidly expanding usage of mobile devices – will be critical to success in the year ahead.”

Report’s key insights:

• Brave New Digital World
Smartphones have surpassed 125 million US consumers ,and tablets are now owned by more than 50 million. We have now crossed into the Brave New Digital World – a new paradigm of digital media fragmentation in which consumers are always connected. According to comScore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform (Beta), more than one out of every three minutes online is now spent on devices beyond the PC.
• Smartphones surpass 50% penetration
The US smartphone market finally surpassed 50% market penetration, and now enters the “late majority” stage of the technology adoption curve. The number of smartphone subscribers has increased 29% from a year ago, and 99% from two years ago.
• Android, iOS control US smartphone market
Google’s Android OS, which has been adopted by multiple OEMs, and Apple’s iOS that is carried exclusively on iPhones, have come to dominate the US smartphone landscape with nearly 90% of the market today.
• Samsung gains ground in smartphone OEM market
Apple continues to gain ground as the leading US smartphone OEM, but Samsung has seen the most explosive growth in this market over the past couple of years with a year-over-year increase of more than 100%, and a two-year increase of more than 400%.
• High speed Internet enhances content consumption
The improved availability of high speed Internet access has significantly enhanced the average user’s media consumption experience, contributing to a rapid uptick in mobile media consumption. Default wifi accessibility for smartphones and tablets has not only off-loaded bandwidth from networks, but has also contributed to a better on-premise (e.g. in-home) browsing experience for users.
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