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Singaporeans, Chinese work the hardest; Indians like their gyms

Posted on 06 Sep 2011 at 09:43 am

Business travellers surveyed in the Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Survey 2011 are a hard-working lot, with folks from Singapore and China topping the hard-working charts.

The survey found that 75% worked in the hotel at some point during their trip, increasing to 82% for respondents travelling from China and Singapore.

Travellers from Hong Kong are most likely to ‘burn the midnight oil’ with 14% working between midnight and 6AM, compared to 7% on average. The most likely times for business travellers to work in the hotel are after office hours: 35% working between 6PM and 9PM and 52% working between 9PM and Midnight.

Respondents from Australia (53%) and New Zealand (55%) were most likely to work between 9PM and Midnight, and were also most likely to be early risers (35% and 38% respectively working between 6AM and 9AM).

Taking a break from work is more likely to involve a visit to the hotel fitness centre (53%) than the hotel spa (36%).

Indian business travellers are the ‘power users’ of the fitness centre (64%). While in the fitness centre, business travellers are swapping one treadmill for another, with 93% using cardiovascular equipment rather than weights (39%). Australian business travellers are most likely to use weights, at 48%.

When availing of the spa facilities in the hotel, business travellers from Singapore (83%), Hong Kong (74%), China (71%), India (70%) and Thailand (70%) are more likely to avail of body and foot massage services, while travellers from New Zealand (74%) and Australia (69%) are more likely to use the sauna/steam room.

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