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Travelport explains its Agility programme

Posted on 03 Feb 2012 at 00:17 am

The following is a statement from Travelport outlining its Agility programme.

Travelport Agility is an initiative to provide our travel agency customers with wide-ranging products in a single package and has been created to enable them to compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing travel industry.

Specifically, the programme is designed to help our subscriber customers reduce operating costs, improve staff productivity and overall business efficiency and grow new revenues. This initiative also enables our customers to be in the best possible position to take full advantage of future Travelport technologies, including access to greatly expanded and unbundled content through the desktop, whilst using tried and tested processes.

Travelport Agility will be provided as part of our new updated services to Travelport-connected travel agencies worldwide from 1 January 2012.

Products included:

Travelport Agility includes a comprehensive list of products and solutions, including the new Travelport Smartpoint App (for Galileo customers) or Worldspan GO! Translator App (for Worldspan customers).

⇒ Travelport Smartpoint App:
· Reduces training time by supporting commands from any GDS in a cryptic environment
· Improves agent productivity by reducing keystrokes for an overall booking process when searching for the ‘best’ fare
· Uses a mix of cryptic, point-and-click and graphical pop-ups to search low fares, make bookings and manage queues
· Allows agencies to be up-and-running quickly

⇒ Worldspan GO! Translator App
· Translates commands from other GDSs into the Worldspan cryptic language
· Reduces new agent training time and improves agent productivity
· Boost revenues and overall business efficiency.
⇒ Travelport e-Pricing (not applicable in Americas):
· Consistently delivers the lowest available fares on the top 500 domestic and international city pairs across Asia-Pacific, EMEA, North America and Latin America
· Boosts traveller satisfaction by offering flexible shopping options to find the lowest fares and best itineraries
· Eliminates the need to shop multiple sources and websites to find the lowest fares

⇒ Travelport Rooms and More:
An industry-first hotel booking engine that:
· Allows travel agency users to compare guaranteed commission rates before booking
· Pays commissions to travel agents in one monthly payment from Travelport
· Offers more properties with an abundance of rates and inventory to give travel agents and their customers greater choice
· Saves time through one website with single sign-on, fast access to available content and no chasing of commission payments
· More than 500,000 hotel offers and growing every day

⇒ Plus, all of the essential tools and resources for conducting daily business:
· Expansive global content and versatile point-of-sale tools for every travel sector
· Global fares, search and comparison shopping
· Advanced travel fulfilment capabilities
· Information services and productivity tools
· Travelport ViewTrip™ online traveller itinerary source
· Continuing access to Timatic despite significantly increased technology costs from IATA

Fees for Travelport Agility

The fee for Travelport Agility is nominal, however, as a matter of policy, we do not discuss the specific commercial terms and pricing we agree with our customers.

The pricing approach for Travelport Agility is in line with standard practice for technology companies and ensures greater consistency and transparency in our fee structure.

Typically, the commission an agent can earn by making one booking per month on Travelport Rooms and More covers the fee for the entire Agility package. Travelport Rooms and More has been very popular in the APAC region, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Americas’ Agility Package

Based on customer feedback, we have made limited changes to the Americas’ Agility package which remains in place. We are discussing these confidential, commercial details privately with our customers in the Americas.


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