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WIT's Grooviest Start-Up launches GetFlight Singapore

Posted on 14 Nov 2011 at 13:38 pm by Yeoh Siew Hoon

Air fare search in Singapore just got more competitive. Barely a month after it won The Grooviest Start-Up at WIT 2011,, the first and only site dedicated to sale airfares for flights in and from Australia, has launched GetFlight Singapore, a new sister site that utilises GetFlight’s proprietary global platform. is launching with six brands, including two online travel agents (OTAs) and four airlines: Jetstar, Malaysian, Singapore and Tiger Airways, to allow consumers to search and explore sale airfares from Singapore.

The launch of GetFlight Singapore is part of the company’s global strategy, to provide travellers with a simple and easy-to-use platform to discover, compare and book sale airfares.

Principal founder, Ian Cumming told WIT, “We decided to launch GetFlight Singapore as the second site on our global platform because Singapore is a competitive hub for both low-cost and full service airlines.

“GetFlight is different because we only track sale airfares, and our map-based search platform allows consumers to perform open-ended queries like "Singapore to Anywhere for less than $100 in February".

“Using GetFlight, consumers can additionally compare sale airfares on OTAs and meta-search sites so this would allow us to partner with companies such as Skyscanner and Wego in the future. We also plan on adding more airlines for GetFlight Singapore.” will direct users to the airlines’ websites for purchasing, and users can subscribe to personalised email alerts notifying them of specific sale fares for only the places they want to go. Currently is tracking sale airfares to over 40 cities in more than 20 countries, and GetFlight expects to add additional airlines over the coming months. joins on the GetFlight global platform, a technology platform that pushes real-time airline fares across web, mobile and social channels. The platform, which deeply tracks user location, engagement and search history, can easily be configured and rolled out to other regions.

Additionally, the GetFlight platform provides a branding engine that can offer partners a white label integration with their existing websites and customer base.

Cumming won the Grooviest Start-Up award as part of the Start-Up Gallery during the WIT Bootcamp, following a competitive set of presentations, with the finalists including American-based tour and activities marketplace and, owned by Singaporean tech company (Picture shows Cumming with Don Birch, who co-chaired the judging panel at the WIT Bootcamp.)

Said Cumming, “Participating in the Bootcamp and winning the Grooviest Start-up award was a very rewarding experience for me for a number of reasons. The 5 and 3 minute pitches really helped me focus on clearly communicating GetFlight's core value propositions.

“Being recognised by some of the region's most experienced travel executives and investors in the industry was a great honour, especially alongside the tough competition from fellow Bootcamp finalists and

“My only suggestion for the Bootcamp is to hold an after-party for the startups since I really would have liked to talk more to the other participants.”

He said that was “still climbing in Australia”.

“We now have approximately 8,000 sale airfare alert subscriptions. We've sent consumers more than 140,000 alerts for sale airfares so far and tracked more than 37,000 sale airfares in the Australian market.

“We've just released an update to our map interface that makes it easier and faster to use, and this had led to improved user engagement. We've also increased conversion on our affiliate commissions so our revenue is increasing on that front.”

Asked what was the biggest challenge in getting ts site known to consumers, Cumming cited “building an audience with a very minimal marketing budget”.

“We decided to use PR (public relations) to drive customer acquisition, and this strategy has paid off. We've achieved consumer press in mainstream Australian online and in print publications, including, The Australian and Choice Magazine. By being religiously focussed on providing a great product we've been able to keep those consumers on our site and get them to recommend us to their friends.”

As for expansion plans, he said, “That is our secret sauce! But I think if you look at markets which have sale airfares - we want to be in those markets within the next 6-12 months.”

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